Incell certifies next generation Smart Lithium Batteries™ for US and Canada

Incell ( has certified its Smart Lithium Batteries™ ( in accordance with UL1973 and UL62368 for the US and Canadian markets. This is one of the first, if not the first time ever that telecom lithium batteries have been certified to these standards as a stand-alone battery. Behind the certification are years of focused hard work in research, product development and innovation.

In total three NMC lithium batteries have been certified: the SLB48-050-124-1U, 19”, 2U 50 Ah battery, the SLB48-100-226-1U, a 23”, 2U 100 Ah battery  and SLB48-100-144-1U, a 19”,4U 100 Ah battery.

“We are very excited to receive these certificates which demanded extensive research, development and innovation in the design of the safety requirements to meet the rigorous UL1973 standard.  We feel it has been worth the substantial investment by our Swedish design and engineering team to reach this goal and we now look forward to servicing our exisiting and new customers in the USA and Canada”, says Stefan Jansson CEO INCELL International.

With the new generation of Incell SLB™ Products, available in versions certified to IEC and UL standards, ranging from 30 to 250 Ah, Incell has taken leadership role in terms of safety of telecom lithium batteries. The new features include a completely redundant safety design with well over 100 single-fault cases proven safe. Additional safety features include single cell propagation prevention and ingress protection options. 

In addition, the SLB™ already have a number of features highly valued by our customers, including ease of use, plug-and-play compatibility with existing rectifier systems, i.e., works with any rectifier thanks to Incell‘s patented charge control function, Current Limiting Device (CLD™) and extensive monitoring and analytics capabilities, all which have been improved further in the new generation of SLB™

“We are excited to release a unique, feature rich product platform that will service customers all over the world. We are especially proud of the safety design and our patented charge control feature, Current Limiting Device – CLD™ which makes our batteries independent of current control from the power system and is a feature that is highly appreciated by our customers”, continues Stefan Jansson.

For more information

For more information
Peter Wasmuth, CMO at INCELL International
Phone +46 (0)706 553 973, or send your request to

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