Fraktio selects Cinode to boost business growth

Cinode is proud to welcome Finnish Fraktio to its community of customers. A partnership in line with Cinode’s focus on the Finnish market.

"We have a long history making some of the most demanding software products and services on the web. Organising our teams and simultaneously growing our company has been a combination of manual work, planning, and spreadsheets - I kid you not! Cinode is the first product designed according to a software company’s needs. Other products are for different use cases or not suitable for us. Cinode's product vision is aligned with our vision", says Jesse Peurala, CEO at Fraktio.

Since its launch in 2015, Cinode has delivered its cloud service to more than 150 software and consulting companies, enabling them to address growth opportunities and to digitize their processes for skills management, sales, delivery and assignment planning. Cinode connects a world of dedicated professionals to help SW companies reach the full potential in the sales and delivery of skills.

End of the spreadsheet circus

“Cinode offers us a way to handle and visualise what our people are up to. Individuals can easily plan their work and present their skills and status to others instead of some centralised and cryptic spreadsheet circus”, says Joonas Pajunen, COO at Fraktio.

"We have only been active on the Finnish market a few months but we already see a really high interest in our cloud service. Fraktio is in the sweetspot of our offering – an ambitious company, with strong culture and high growth potential. I´m so happy that Fraktio chose Cinode and to welcome them onboard", says Anders Hagberg, CEO at Cinode.



About Fraktio

Fraktio is a software company building impactful mobile and web-based applications and services. We provide planning, design, development, insight and enthusiasm with hardcore professionalism and soft values.

Visit https://fraktio.fi/ for more information.

 About Cinode

Cinode is the leading provider of smart tools and business support specifically developed for consulting companies in IT, engineering and management consulting. 

In 2015 the company launched the cloud service Cinode. Today, specially developed modules for competence acquisition and sales support are integrated with delivery and utilization planning, recruitment and efficient management of partners and subcontracters.

 Visit www.cinode.com for further information.


For more information, please contact:

Joonas Pajunen, COO at Fraktio, Finland. E-mail joonas.pajunen@fraktio.fi phone +358 50 3823488.

Anders Hagberg, CEO and VP Sales, Cinode. E-mail anders.hagberg@cinode.com phone +46 (0)701 84 40 44.

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