Successful App Becomes a Book

The learning app “Digital Marketing Pro” is the world’s largest independent app within digital marketing. It has the highest reviews in its category and users from 165 countries. In other words, it’s what we call a success story.

And thanks to the incredible feedback on the app, AIAR’s CEO Rufus Lidman, has now turned the app into an international book, which will be released in book stores and online the 3rd of July.

“For me as a digital strategist and serial entrepreneur, it is a tough case to go from online to offline – usually we make companies go the opposite direction. But since I’ve received lots of comments from people who want to learn digital marketing and are fans of books I decided to create a product for them. The content is similar to the "Digital Marketing Pro" app, yet adapted to fit the book format,” explains AIAR’s Founder and CEO Rufus Lidman.  

The book "How to Become a Digital Marketing Hero" covers all the things you need to know in order to reach digital success and become a hero in your organization. The reader will get digital tools, learn how to measure effects, set successful strategies and much more.

The author, Rufus Lidman, is one of Europe’s leading digital strategists and serial entrepreneur. Lidman has founded the association of digital marketing, IAB, and has been the digital advisor for the world’s largest advertising association, WFA. Today he devotes all his time and passion to AIAR, the world’s first 360° ecosystem of microlearning, supported by AI, Blockchain and Utility tokens. The app will be launched in App Store and Google Play this autumn.

Both the e-book and paperback version of "How to Become a Digital Marketing Hero" are available for pre-order now at The release date is the 3rd of July.


Rufus Lidman – CEO  |  |  +46 733 90 18 80  

Théreèse Lundquist – CMO | | + 46 76 000 08 04

Eriksbergsgatan 10, 114 30,

Stockholm, Sweden


AIAR is democratizing education for the 2.5 billion people in need worldwide. By using new technology to innovate totally new processes, instead of repairing old ones, AIAR is providing the world’s first mobile ecosystem for lifelong learning with 360° content scope.

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