HANZA AB: HANZA expands its partnership with Thermia

HANZA AB (publ) expands and deepens its collaboration with Thermia AB, a world-leading supplier of heat pumps for geothermal energy. Sales to Thermia will increase by approximately SEK 35 million in the current year and are expected to continue to increase in the coming years.

HANZA is expanding capacity to its existing manufacturing clusters to meet continuously growing volumes from existing and new customers. The goal is to reach a turnover of at least SEK 5 billion by 2025.

A rapidly growing customer in the Group's Swedish cluster is Thermia AB, which produces, develops and markets heat pump systems for heating, hot water and cooling. The two companies are now deepening and developing their collaboration, which will increase HANZA's sales to Thermia by approximately SEK 35 million in 2023, with further growth expected in the coming years.

- It is great to be able to support a fast-growing company that is a market leader in a future segment. The way we have developed together and been able to meet a rapidly growing demand over the years, is something we are very proud of. It also shows the strength of our flexible manufacturing concept, which enables us to quickly adapt to volume increases, says Veronica Svensson, Sales Director Scandinavia.

Thermia, with around 300 employees, operates in one of Europe's most modern factories and is one of the market leaders in the European market.

- We have been working with HANZA for a long time and thanks to the culture and values that we share, we have been able to overcome any obstacles as they have arisen and continued to develop together. Therefore it feels really satisfying to bring HANZA, one of our most valued suppliers, with us on the growth journey we are on, says Mathias Axelsson Löfvenholm, Purchasing Director at Thermia.

Source: Cision

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