Vimian Group acquires leading online platform for veterinary pharmaceuticals

Vimian Group has acquired Heiland GmbH (“heiland.com”), a leading online ordering platform offering veterinary pharmaceuticals and other veterinary products to veterinary clinics across Germany. The acquisition marks a key milestone in Vimian Group’s strategy to digitalise its global service offering for veterinary clinics. Heiland.com has annual revenues of around EUR 1.5 million.

Vimian’s Veterinary Services segment VetFamily has acquired Heiland GmbH (“heiland.com”). Founded in 2018, heiland.com is a family-owned business that has rapidly grown to become the leading online one-stop-shop for veterinary pharmaceuticals in Germany with over 1,700 monthly active users and more than 40,000 products from over 100 manufacturers. Heiland.com had a growth rate of 26 per cent in 2021.

“Through the acquisition of heiland.com we gain access to a leading technology platform and purchasing portal for veterinary clinics that we can leverage across all our geographies to drive sales and improve our offering for clinics and strategic partners. Veterinarians benefit from increased efficiency and convenience when handling all orders in one interface. Heiland.com is fast growing with high margins and enjoys an attractive market position with a proprietary technology, a loyal customer base and a strong brand”, says Alireza Tajbakhsh, CEO of Vimian’s Veterinary Services segment VetFamily.

The acquisition will have a marginal impact on Vimian Group's earnings per share in the current financial year. Heiland.com was consolidated into Vimian Group’s Veterinary Services segment on 1 August 2022.

Source: MFN

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