SaveLend Group launches Treyd as an originator on the investment platform

SaveLend Group AB (publ) (“SaveLend Group” or “the Company”) today launches Treyd as an external originator on the investment platform. The import financing that Treyd offers gives investors on the investment platform the opportunity to invest in credits that finance working capital for fast-growing import companies. The collaboration contributes to further investment opportunities for investors and increased inflow of credits. Treyd is expected to contribute with an investment volume of SEK 100 million for 2022.

Today, Treyd is launched as an external originator on the investment platform SaveLend.se. For SaveLend Group, this means further improvements for the Company's investors. With the credit type import financing, investors can choose to increase the diversification of their deposits even more, and the increased inflow of credits enables a continued high investment ratio on the investment platform. The duration of these credits is 30-120 days, which also contributes to a more continuous cash flow. In 2022, Treyd is expected to contribute with an investment volume amounting to SEK 100 million.

Treyd was founded at the end of 2019 based on the conviction that hardware companies should be able to scale as fast as software companies. The business is a buy now, pay later service for international supply chains. By paying its customers' supplier invoices and letting customers pay up to 120 days later, Treyd helps its customers free up important working capital that enables continued high growth rates for the companies. Treyd handles the credit assessment through a carefully developed model primarily based on the customer's financial position and external rating data. The model emphasizes companies' ability to convert their current assets into cash and cash equivalents. Treyd looks at how external parties assess the company’s creditworthiness and delves into the company's working capital, as the credits granted are for a maximum of 120 days.

Treyd's credits have been available on a smaller scale on the investment platform for some time now. Then as part of the internal originator SBL Finans Factoring as they were received via the invoicing platform. During this period, the credits for import financing have been subject to dual control, both Treyd's own and SaveLend's credit control. This approach has enabled SaveLend Group to onboard the new originator in a carefully controlled manner with a test period where SaveLend Group had complete insight into which credits were approved by Treyd and thus ensured the quality of both credits and Treyd's management. Now that Treyd is launched as an originator on the platform, the inflow of import credits will be expanded. Initially, all credits covered by credit insurance - where most of the amount is insured against credit losses, will be approved automatically on the platform. The import credits that are not covered by credit insurance will continue to be assessed by SaveLend's credit committee.

“Treyd is an excellent match for us. We see great potential in expanding the inflow of credits and have the volumes grow together with Treyd in the coming years. The collaboration has also proved the effectiveness of our onboarding model for external originators, where we start on a small scale with an extensive test period and close monitoring, and once we have seen that everything works well, we highlight the partner as an external originator on the platform to improve scalability”, says Ludwig Pettersson, CEO of SaveLend Group.

“We are pleased to be able to scale up our collaboration with SaveLend Group further and take the step to become an originator on the investment platform. The collaboration with SaveLend Group has provided our customers with financing that has enabled them to scale up their operations. At the same time, the investors at SaveLend.se have received a good return on their investments. It's a win-win!”, says Peter Beckman, CEO of Treyd.

Source: MFN

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