Scania presents new and improved coach

An outstanding driver environment, increased load capacity, improved passenger comfort and significantly reduced fuel consumption are among the new features as the new generation Scania Touring is introduced.

In the new generation, the load capacity in the front axle has been increased by 500 kilos, which enables improved weight distribution and higher passenger and luggage capacity.

The driver environment, along with the guide area, has undergone several updates. "We believe our workplace for the driver is industry leading. It offers exceptional ergonomics, visibility and control," says Åke Allard, Head of Product Management, Scania Buses & Coaches. With a newly developed suspension and smooth gear changes, the new Scania Touring increases comfort for drivers, crew and passengers. 

Drivers will also be pleased with the new advanced driver assistance systems, that include Attention Support and Lane Change Collision Prevention. "This, along with the vehicle's design and great driveability increases safety for everyone onboard and minimises downtime by preventing accidents and limiting damages," says Allard.

Fuel consumption is one of the main contributors to operating cost. Compared to previous models, the new generation Scania Touring can save up to 6% on fuel and emissions - without compromising on performance. This is done through an improved powertrain efficiency and new features such as the Adaptive Cruise Control with Active Prediction.

"We all know the importance of uptime to decrease cost and maximise income for our customers, and with the product design and new services, we see ourselves as the first choice," adds Allard. The design to facilitate maintenance, the high parts availability, and the new proactive uptime service - Scania Flexible Maintenance - help solidify Scania as the primary provider of uptime solutions. "This service enables us to be as efficient as possible." By continually monitoring operational data, Scania Flexible Maintenance allows maintenance plans to be tailored according to the needs of each individual vehicle - avoiding operational disruptions.

The new Scania Zone enables real-time vehicle adjustments in predefined zones. The possibility to limit the speed of the vehicle in certain areas means that safety can be increased while keeping down emissions and noise.

 "All in all, Scania Touring allows low-emission transport to go hand-in-hand with operating economy," Allard concludes.

To learn more about the new Scania Touring and Scania's solutions for Travel operations, please visit the digital showroom: scania.com/travelshowroom


For further information, please contact:

Ove Forsberg, Product Manager, Scania Buses & Coaches. 
Phone: +46 70 775 11 54
E-mail: ove.forsberg@scania.com

Source: Cision

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