iZafe has been granted a new patent for safer medication handling at home

iZafe Group AB (publ.) announces that the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) intends to grant another patent application of iZafe Group. The patent, titled "System and procedure for medication delivery arranged to adjust a pre-defined and pre-packaged medication dose based on a patient-specific parameter," applies to the company's technology for medical and digital security solutions to create safer medication management in the home.

"This patent gives us additional protection in Sweden for medication handling at home. After the acquisition of Pilloxa, we are able to offer solutions for safe medication for the entire patient journey, which in practice means the following steps:
• Pill jars or other loose medicine in syringes, tablets or liquid form. Where, with the help of our app, we remind, show statistics and can send alarms.
• Sorting in "dosett" where we offer a smart connected version that, with the help of our app, helps with sorting, reminders, alarms and statistics.
• Medication in sachets where, with the help of Dosell, we automate the entire process in the medication.
With this patent, we can also create a unique solution for safer medication handling in the home and addressing a significent and increasing demand" says Anders Segerström, CEO of iZafe Group.

Source: MFN

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