Codemill : Sveriges Television (SVT) has selected Codemill products and services

Umeå, Sweden, 13th May 2022 - Codemill (Nasdaq: CDMIL.ST) has announced that its Accurate.Video Validate solution and Digital Services offering have been selected by Swedish Broadcaster, Sveriges Television (SVT), to streamline its media workflows. Accurate.Video has been chosen for validation, proxy playback, QC visualisation, and audio routing. The Codemill Digital Services team will provide support, maintenance, testing, and integration. The Accurate.Video Validate licence and Digital Services contracts are both set for four years, in a deal worth more than $80,000.

SVT is a Swedish public television broadcaster with over 2100 employees. The channel was launched in 1956 and has an established foundation within the Media and Entertainment sector. SVT operates four channels, SVT1, SVT2, Kunskapskanalen (The Knowledge Channel) which is a collaborative project between UR and SVT and it uses a combined channel ID for SVT24 and the children’s channel SVT Barn. All SVT channels are digital only, and are distributed across multiple platforms, delivering a wide range of news and entertainment to a variety of devices in the region.

Accurate.Video is a suite of cloud-based solutions created for broadcast, post-production, and media professionals, designed for seamless integration with any video platform, application, or MAM. Accurate.Video Validate is a QC and validation tool with time-based metadata in mind. It is scalable and can sit on top of any infrastructure. Designed for collaborative professional media workflows, it allows QC operators to quickly spot check media content, enabling them to ensure quality, compliance, and playability of audio and video before delivery. The Codemill Digital Services approach is full service, meaning that UX and UI, front-end, back-end, and full-stack all connect through the same team to offer an integrated customer experience.

Rickard Lönneborg, CEO, Codemill, commented: “SVT is one of Sweden’s biggest broadcasting brands, and its high standards and quality of content delivery are crucial in maintaining its appeal across the region. Codemill has 10+ years’ experience developing digital products and services of the highest quality and is well placed to help SVT streamline its workflows. Our configurable tools will support SVT’s move towards more efficient media operations.

Source: MFN

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