Resolutions at BioInvent's Annual General Meeting 2020

Lund, Sweden - 28 May 2020 - BioInvent International AB (publ) ("BioInvent") (OMXS:BINV)

BioInvent's Annual General Meeting (the "AGM") on 28 May 2020 resolved to elect Kristoffer Bissessar as new Board member and to re-elect the Board members Dharminder Chahal, An van Es Johansson, Leonard Kruimer and Bernd Seizinger.

The AGM voted in favor of adopting the income statements and balance sheets for the Group and the parent company for the financial year 2019, and decided that no dividend should be declared for the financial year 2019.

The AGM discharged the Board members and the CEO from liability, re-elected the Board members Dharminder Chahal, An van Es Johansson, Leonard Kruimer and Bernd Seizinger, and elected Kristoffer Bissessar as new Board member. Leonard Kruimer was elected Chairman of the Board. The auditing firm KPMG AB was re-elected as the company's auditor for a term of two years, with Linda Bengtsson as auditor in charge.

The AGM resolved that the Board's fee unchanged shall amount to SEK 682,500 to the Chairman of the Board and SEK 305,500 to each of the other Board members, who are not employed by the company. In addition hereto, the AGM resolved on fees for committee work of SEK 57,500 to the Chairman of the Audit Committee, SEK 46,000 to each of the other members of the Audit Committee and SEK 57,500 to the Chairman of the Scientific Committee and that no fee for work in the Remuneration Committee shall be paid. Fee for committee work shall not be paid to the Chairman of the Board.

The AGM resolved, in accordance with the Board's proposal, on guidelines for remuneration to senior executives.

Further, the AGM resolved, in accordance with the Board's proposal, to amend to the Articles of Association for the purpose of adapting it to implemented and excepted amendments of the Swedish Companies Act and the Act on Account-Keeping of Financial Instruments, and to adjust the limits of the share capital.

Last, the AGM authorised the Board of Directors to resolve on the issue of new shares, on one or several occasions during the period up to the next annual general meeting. The number of shares to be issued by virtue of the authorization shall not entail a dilution effect of more than 20 per cent of the registered share capital after completed issue. The issue may take place with or without a deviation from the shareholders' preferential right and with or without provisions on contribution in kind or set-off or any other terms. The purpose of the authorisation is to increase the company's financial flexibility and enable acquisitions by payment of shares. If the Board resolves on an issue with deviation from the shareholders' preferential right the reason may be to add new capital and/or new company owners of strategic importance to the company and/or the acquisition of other companies or businesses. At a deviation from the shareholders' preferential right, the issue rate shall be determined in accordance with market conditions. Other terms may be resolved by the Board.
About BioInvent
BioInvent International AB (OMXS: BINV) is a clinical stage company that discovers and develops novel and first-in-class immuno-modulatory antibodies for cancer therapies, with two ongoing programs in Phase l/ll clinical trials for the treatment of hematological cancer and solid tumors, respectively. Two preclinical programs in solid tumors are expected to have entered clinical trials by the end of 2020. The Company's validated, proprietary F.I.R.S.T™ technology platform simultaneously identifies both targets and the antibodies that bind to them, generating many promising new drug candidates to fuel the Company's own clinical development pipeline or for additional licensing and partnering.
The Company generates revenues from research collaborations and license agreements with multiple top-tier pharmaceutical companies, as well as from producing antibodies for third parties in the Company's fully integrated manufacturing unit. More information is available at www.bioinvent.com.

For further information, please contact:
Martin Welschof, CEO    Hans Herklots, LifeSci Advisors
+46 (0)46 286 85 50  +41 79 598 71 49
martin.welschof@bioinvent.com hherklots@lifesciadvisors.com

BioInvent International AB (publ)
Co. Reg. No.: 556537-7263
Visiting address: Ideongatan 1
Mailing address: 223 70 LUND
Phone: +46 (0)46 286 85 50

Source: Cision

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