Prodikt and CCBuild enter into a partnership for increased circular construction

Prodikt and CCBuild today announced that the organizations have entered into a new partnership: recycled products from CCBuild’s marketplace are now also available on Prodikt, the sustainability platform.

The result is that products published on CCBuild's marketplace gain wider distribution and reach more stakeholders, which is expected to boost circular construction and reuse.

When the products on CCBuild's marketplace become available on Prodikt, they are assigned their own product cards with specific sustainability data. Prodikt also connects the geographical location of a product and the current construction project to calculate the climate impact of transportation. The collaboration is expected to result in simplified work processes, faster evaluations of alternative solutions in construction and clarification of the merits - both circular and climate-wise - of reuse.

"This partnership means that we are taking further steps together towards larger-scale recycling. By connecting the platforms, we increase both the availability of, and the demand for, circular products", says CCBuild's coordinator Carina Loh Lindholm.

In Prodikt, you can now work actively with recycled products - from early estimation of climate impact and resource saving to actual product selection. In the project analysis in Prodikt, you can then clearly understand the potential savings achieved due to CCBuild's products.

"Now that CCBuild's products are available on Prodikt, everyone in the industry can leverage recycled products in their project analyses”, comments Rasmus Ekberg at Prodikt. "Through the partnership with CCbuild, we continue the work towards our vision of simplifying the construction industry, e.g., through integrations between services and platforms.”

About CCBuild
CCBuild - Center for Circular Construction (CCBuild) - is an arena where industry players meet and collaborate around reuse and circular material flows in construction, demolition and management. The arena offers networks, knowledge and digital services that strengthen the market for circular products and services in the construction and property sector. CCBuild is developed in broad cooperation under the stewardship of IVL Swedish Environmental Institute. Read more at

Source: MFN

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