Arla Plast AB: Nomination Committee in Arla Plast for the AGM 2022

In accordance with a resolution taken at the AGM of Arla Plast in April 2021,  Arla Plast announces the composition of the nomination committee, consisting of representatives of the larges shareholders by numer of votes. They constitute the Nomination Committee in preparation of the AGM 2022.

As the Chairman of the Nomination Committee, Lars Kvarnsund representing Svolder AB has been elected. The other members are: Kenneth Synnersten, Synnersten Invest AB and Fredrik Persson, Nortal Investments AB.

The AGM of Arla Plast will be held in Borensberg on Thursday May 19[th], 2022. Shareholders who wish to submit proporals to the Nomination Committee should contact the Nomination Committee, at the latest, two months prior to the AGM on email: ir@arlaplast.comor via mail

Arla Plast AB
Attn Valberedningen
Box 33
591 06 Borensberg

Additional information is provided by:

Boel Sundvall, IR

Telefon: +46 705 60 60 18

E-post: boel.sundvall@arlaplast.com

About Arla Plast

Arla Plast is a producer and supplier of extruded sheets made of technical plastics. The plastic sheets are made of polycarbonate ("PC"), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ("ABS") and polyethylene terephthalate glycol ("PETG"), with a large number of areas of application, including safety products, machine glazing, ice hockey rinks, greenhouses, pool covers, sound walls, protective barriers, suitcases, automotive components and various other construction-related areas of application. The company was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Borensberg, Sweden. Arla Plast is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in the Small Cap segment. Read more about Arla Plast at www.arlaplastgroup.com.

Source: Cision

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