Hamlet: Bladder cancer study results accepted for publication in Nature Communications

Hamlet Pharma is proud to announce that the report of the phase I/II bladder cancer trial has been accepted for publication in Nature Communications; a leading international journal.

The paper is entitled "Bladder cancer therapy using a conformationally fluid tumoricidal peptide complex" andhas been accepted for publication in Nature Communications. The Nature journals are extremely competitive and only accept innovative science of highest quality and with significant interest for a discerning audience. The journals are widely read, with a high impact.

The paper analyses the structure of the Alpha1H complex, characterizes its tumor killing effects and describes the successful clinical trial of Alpha1H in patients with bladder cancer. A detailed analysis of primary and secondary end points is provided  and differences between the Alpha1H treated patients and the placebo group are described for several crucial efficacy variables. Alpha1H triggered significant shedding of tumor cells in patients, who received the treatment (p< 0.0001 compared to the placebo group) and reduced the tumor size (p<0.04), illustrating its potent effects.

The treatment is also shown to be safe, as no drug-related side effects were observed. The publication offers interested readers a detailed understanding of the molecular properties and promising clinical effects, inspiring further development of Alpha 1H as a new potential drug for patients with bladder cancer.

"Publishing in Nature journals is an important quality stamp and an excellent way to spread the news of our clinical advances" says Catharina Svanborg, founder, CMO and chairman of the board of Hamlet Pharma Ltd. 

"This is a very important milestone, inspriring us to continue the clinical development of Alpha1H with full speed" says Mats Persson, CEO of Hamlet Pharma Ltd.

Source: Cision

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