RaySearch Laboratories: RayCare 4B: The Latest Release of the Groundbreaking Oncology Information System Puts User Experience Front and Center

RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) shares news of the latest release of oncology information system RayCare®*. Highlights of RayCare 4B include a more unified experience with the RayStation®* treatment planning system and support for multiple parallel treatments and workflows.


RayCare is installed at leading cancer clinics around the world. In 2020, RayCare was chosen for use at the Particle Therapy Interuniversity Centre Leuven in Belgium, the Yonsei Cancer Center in Seoul, South Korea - which became the first clinic in the Asia-Pacific region to adopt RayCare - Provision CARES Proton Therapy Orlando, USA, and at Swiss Medical Network clinics in both Geneva and Genolier, Switzerland.

RayCare 4B offers deeper integration and more unified user experiences with RayStation than previous releases. Additional features available include task support with task lists in RayStation, which are shared with RayCare in the left panel. It also provides improved scripting capabilities, including the option for scripts to access RayStation and RayCare at the same time, so-called RayWorld scripts.

Another important element of RayCare 4B is support for multiple parallel treatments and workflows. Some complex patient treatments require the coordination of multiple treatment regimens and RayCare 4B is designed to help clinicians keep track of care plans, orders and data flows across parallel or sequential workflows.

RayCare 4B also provides an interface to connect to Varian TrueBeam™. It has been developed and tested under an interoperability agreement with Varian with the common goal of releasing the interface during 2020. The interface uses the DICOM and FHIR standards to invisibly connect to the systems in the control room and handles the flow of data to and from those systems. The Varian side of the interface will be released in conjunction with the TrueBeam 3.0 software, the release of which has been postponed by Varian and is now planned for August 2021. Consequently, interoperability between RayCare and Varian TrueBeam will not be available for clinical use until then.

Johan Löf, founder and CEO, RaySearch, says: "With each successive release of RayCare, it is clear how the original vision of RayCare is becoming reality. The tighter integration with RayStation, along with the addition of RayCommand and RayIntelligence, gives RayCare even greater ability to enable collaboration and to tie everything together from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up and help make cancer treatments more efficient, precise and effective."

Source: Cision

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