Metsä Fibre and Caverion extend their cooperation at the new bioproduct mill in Kemi, Finland

Caverion Corporation Investor News 7 April 2022 at 9.00 a.m. EEST

Metsä Fibre and Caverion extend their cooperation at the new bioproduct mill in Kemi, Finland

Caverion will implement process electrification at the Metsä Fibre bioproduct mill in Kemi, Finland. Metsä Fibre is part of the Metsä Group.

Caverion has the overall responsibility for the process electrification, installations, project management and project-related procurement in the mill's wood treatment, water and wastewater treatment and chemical treatment, and for the installation of main electricity distribution lines and earthing.

[ Mets Group]

"We have had positive experiences with Caverion's electrical expertise, and the company's strong presence in the area through its units in Kemi and Oulu also affected our choice," says Jari-Pekka Johansson, Project Director at Metsä Fibre. The work will run from spring 2022 to autumn 2023, with up to 60 Caverion employees participating in the project. 

Oy Botnia Mill Service Ab, a joint venture of Caverion and Metsä Fibre, has planned the maintenance operating model and organisation for this bioproduct mill project. Botnia Mill Service also shares responsibility for the maintenance training of the personnel at the new mill in Kemi. The project also includes construction of the maintenance system, equipment information, preventive maintenance, and supervision of the installation and project delivery.

In addition, Caverion's design and advisory experts are covering the management of electrical and automation projects, delivery control of mechanical equipment, design of factory integration interfaces and content production for the ERP system at the current Kemi pulp mill.

"Caverion's local expertise in Kemi has enabled long-term and efficient projects in the mills, and continuing the cooperation feels like a natural choice," says Timo Ahonen, Director of Metsä Group's mills in Kemi.

"Caverion has strong expertise in process electrification, and we have electrified several large factory investments. Our installation expertise is top notch, and we are happy to bring our expertise to this project, which is the largest investment in Finland's forest industry to date," says Elina Engman, Executive Vice President, Caverion Industry.

Information about the new bioproduct mill:

Metsä Fibre's modern bioproduct mill will start operating in the Metsä Group's factory area in Pajusaari and Sahansaari, Kemi, in the third quarter of 2023. The bioproduct mill's annual production volume will be 1.5 million tons of coniferous and birch pulp of the Metsä brand, to be used as raw material for cardboard, tissue and printing paper and special products. The bioproduct mill operates entirely without fossil fuels, and its energy, material and environmental efficiency are world-class.

Picture: Metsä Group

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