Kungsleden AB: Kungsleden agrees climate-smart lease in Danderyd

Kungsleden has signed a four-year lease contract with SMART Psykiatri, which is moving into climate-smart premises in Danderyd, with a focus on re-use.


Climate-smart premises are Kungsleden's new customer proposition for tenants who place special demands on re-use and low climate impact. The work to develop the customer proposition has been in progress since 2020 and SMART Psykiatri will be Kungsleden's first tenant to partake of the new proposition. 

"We are proud to integrate re-use into our customer proposition in a tangible way. We are on the threshold of a shift, where premises with low climate impact through the re-use of materials will become a hygiene factor in connection with tenant improvements. We are also seeing large demand among our customers", says Erik Florman, Sustainability Manager at Kungsleden.

The climate-smart premises concept is based on achieving the lowest possible climate impact during the premises' lifetime - from the start of construction to remodelling and operation. A key aspect is a comprehensive re-use audit that forms the basis of a cost-effective construction process, which takes into consideration future tenant improvements by using, for example, module walls and flexible material choices.

The ambition is to re-use as much as possible from the premises and to supplement this with materials from other premises in Kungsleden's property portfolio. When re-use is impossible, strict requirements are placed on sustainable material with high flexibility that will last over time.

The tenant, SMART Psykiatri, is scheduled to move into its new premises on Svärdvägen, in Danderyd, on 1 March 2022. The 491-sq.m. premises has undergone a re-use audit and will now be modified to become a Climate-smart premises. 

"We have a passion for sustainability - in our meetings with individuals, schools, healthcare and in working life. The issue of climate change plays a natural role in a sustainable life for all of us and when Kungsleden offered us the possibility to work in climate-smart premises with a focus on re-use and a circular approach, we didn't hesitate. Smart in all ways!" says Martin Hammarström, CEO of SMART Psykiatri.

Climate-smart premises are a key element of Kungsleden's effort to achieve the goal of being climate positive across its value chain by 2035. The work to adapt premises has already begun, with the aim of expanding the climate-smart premises preposition during 2022.

Source: Cision

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