Amazon Studios has selected Codemill’s Digital Services

Umeå, Sweden, 29th June 2022 - Codemill (Nasdaq: CDMIL) has announced that its Digital Services offering has been selected by the American television and film producer and distributor, Amazon Studios, to streamline its media workflows. The Codemill Digital Services team will provide support, maintenance, testing, and integration. The current proof of concept (POC) is valued at $46K.

Amazon Studios, a subsidiary of, Inc., specialises in creating and producing original films and television series for a global audience. Original series all premiere exclusively on the streaming platform, Prime Video, which is available in over 240 countries and territories. In film, Amazon Studios produces and acquires original movies for theatrical release and exclusively for Prime Video.

The Codemill Digital Services approach is full service. UX and UI forms the foundation of the development process, with front-end, back-end, and full-stack all connecting through the same team, to offer an integrated customer experience. By connecting to the assets, then ingesting the assets into a system that will generate and manage all data associated, users will be able to navigate, locate, view, QC and Validate assets prior to sending them out to be used in final content.

Rickard Lönneborg, CEO, Codemill, commented: “Amazon Studios is a world-renowned organisation with a vast content library, looking to enhance not only the management of its VFX assets but also the data surrounding those assets. Our Digital Services offering focuses on crafting superior user experiences, and is well suited to provide Amazon Studios with the support and integration needed to streamline its media workflows.”

Amazon Studios will use the POC as a means to give vision to a platform that will help the Studio and its stakeholders to understand the value and ROI of such a project tied to its VFX content library, servicing Virtual Productions and the Media Supply Chain.

Source: MFN

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