BIMobject reorganizes its Services unit

BIMobject announced today that the company has implemented a reorganization of its Services unit, which develops BIM files for the company's customers, with the aim of reducing fixed costs and increasing flexibility.

The reorganization means that 21 employees at the company's offices in Poland and Hungary will leave the company, but that most of these will instead transfer to consulting assignments via the company's subcontractors, so-called content service providers. The reorganization is not expected to significantly impact the company’s revenues and costs or the quality and delivery of the services. In the longer term, BIMobject expects improvements in Services profitability, due to the flexibility that the new approach provides in scaling the business in step with demand.

“We see continued stable demand for BIM development, but recent years have shown the need to be able to keep up with an environment where market conditions constantly change. I am very pleased that we have been able to find a good solution for our employees in Poland and Hungary, which at the same time gives BIMobject the strategic flexibility to more quickly scale our delivery organization in line with demand”, says Carl Silbersky, CEO of BIMobject.

Source: MFN

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