NCC to expand Forslunda water treatment plant in Umeå

NCC and Vakin are now initiating an expansion of the Forslunda water treatment plant in Umeå to meet the increased capacity needs of the municipality. The project is a design-build contract and the order value is SEK 180 million.

[image] Image: Vakin

Forslunda currently supplies more than 110,000 Umeå residents with water. Umeå Municipality is continuing to grow and now needs to strengthen its water supply and increase capacity to meet the resulting expanded water requirements.

NCC's assignment encompasses, for example, the expansion of a number of water tanks for water treatment and a building to enclose them, earthworks and water and wastewater works for the new pipes, and a number of concrete constructional works with high watertightness requirements.

"It's highly gratifying to be entrusted to conduct another water treatment plant project in one of NCC's prioritized segments. For this type of project, we can contribute unique expertise thanks to our solid construction experience and our specialist water treatment department Water and Environment Technique," says Richard Mattson, Production Manager, NCC Infrastructure

Work will commence immediately and the expansion is expected to be completed around mid-2025. The order is valued at approximately SEK 180 million and will be registered among orders in the first quarter of 2023 in the NCC Infrastructure business area.

Source: Cision

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